Automatic Rolling Shutter Doors

Increasingly present in large shopping centers and local shops, the Automatic Rolling shutter door guarantees safety and beauty for your store!

The store’s facade is one of the most important points to attract a customer, so there is nothing to keep that old and rusty roll-up door. I have prepared this article to present you 6 incredible advantages of the Automatic Rolling shutter door. Check out!

Automatic Rolling Shutter Door

The Automatic Rolling shutter door is tailor-made to meet the needs of each customer, whether for commerce, industry or residence, offering the highest technology and security for customers, with a huge variability of applications, in addition to its modern design and functionality, which guarantee a better investment at the lowest cost benefit.

1) Security

The Automatic Rolling shutter door allows a greater sense of security for the merchant, this is due to the fact that the closing of the door is activated by the remote control, therefore, the merchant does not need to go to the outside of the store to lower the door manually (common rolling shutter doors), a situation that involves a high rate of attempted robberies.

2) Practicality

Practical, and can be activated by a remote control, the Automatic Rolling shutter door reduces the physical effort that a person expends when compared to the opening of a manual rolling shutter door, which is extremely heavy.

3) Aesthetics

The Automatic Rolling shutter door guarantees beauty and modernity to your project, being able to be developed with diversified plates, according to your taste. Because it is more resistant than the manual rolling shutter door, the Automatic Door retains its aesthetics for much longer and, when properly cared for, always looks new.


4) Reduces expenses with constant maintenance

Because its system is motorized (and not manual) and the high strength of its plates, the Automatic Rolling shutter door does not require constant maintenance, as with manual roll-up doors.

Therefore, it is important that the installation of the Automatic Door is done by a professional specialized in the subject and that it does not run the risk of damaging the product, as well as the good maintenance of the door is extremely important to reduce the costs with frequent maintenance.

5) Time optimization   

As mentioned above, the fact that the opening / closing of the door is activated by the remote control reduces the physical effort on the part of the store owner, as well as optimizing time. This is because, the Manual Rolling shutter door takes about 5 minutes to open / close (due to the long process of rolling and locking the door).

6) Resistance

The Automatic Rolling shutter door from the rolling shutter manufacturer in Hyderabad is extremely resistant and as this model of door is produced with very high quality steel, it would certainly be extremely difficult to open an automatic door manually (in case of break-ins). Ready! Now that you know all these advantages of Automatic Rolling shutter door, just decide which type of sheet fits best for your project and make your budget right now with one of our specialist salespeople.