Before getting into the essentiality of Polo T-shirts let’s talk about the history of such tees. It for sure that it dates back to the old times and isn’t a very recent innovation. It is the old-school that stays, no matter what because people like to indulge in it. 

It was during the 19th century that the concept of ‘leisure’ came into effect. People used to pass their time by doing aristocratic things like playing sports, reading, and writing. This was also that period in history when people started putting a lot of emphasis on outdoor activities like Polo, Cricket, Football, etc. 

For those of you who don’t know during this period, Indians were affirmatively rich with textiles, diamonds, plantations, and several other things. Britishers were ruling India, hence extracting valuable clothing materials like Polo T-shirts for men. 

The outfit was used in India around 1859 but later on, around 1900s, the Britishers started using it as well for playing Polo and other games. These are generally short-sleeved and have a collar with the material of the cloth being extremely soft and ideal for someone to play sports or go for outdoor activities. 

Just in case you are thinking which is better to choose – A Polo T-shirt or a simple T-shirt then let me clear your doubt right away. A Polo T-shirt can be utilized for both formal and informal events. However, a plain T-shirt 

There are several ways in which you can style your Polo T-shirt. Let’s take a glance at the same: 

  1. Polo T-shirt as formal wear: Nothing beats the look of a Polo T-shirt for men. It might be a tee but provides an extraordinary formal look. Pair it with a black overcoat or blazer and formal pants to get the best possible look. 
  2. Polo T-shirt as informal wear: As soon as the Pandemic situation gets better, do not wait to fulfill your dreams and desires. Go to that concert, visit your favourite cafe to savour some delicacies,  go to that museum you wanted to visit for so long. Do not worry about what to wear because the Polo T-shirts are there to the rescue. 
  3. Polo T-shirt as casual wear: Now make your grocery run or bank visit interesting. No, you would not look extra if you get into one of these and go for running your errands. It’s a category of casual T-shirts everyone should own. 
  4. Polo T-shirts for adventures: Your next summer trekking will be interesting will Polo T-shirts. As I said earlier, this outfit is multifaceted. 

There are a certain set of rules that one should keep in mind while wearing Polo tees. Some of the rules are listed below: 

  • It is known that fitted clothes give confidence to people, but make sure you do not overdo it. It is important to keep it a little away from your skin that makes the outfit breathable and gives a perfect shape to your body. 
  • Since the look it imparts is formal in many cases, do not ever put the collar up as it ruins the look of the tee completely. Keep in normal and the way collars should be. 
  • Polo tees are already stitched in a manner that one does not have to wear anything under that T-shirt. Imagine how many outfits will give you this comfort? Not many I am sure. This helps in staying relaxed and calm even in the peak summer season of a country like India. Wearing anything extra will not give the aspired look to a person.
  • Make sure the length of the tee is in accordance with your height and it does not go haywire when you wear it. 

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