Webinars are a medium of interaction between a conductor and audiences. It can be known as virtual seminars—webinar host online events for training, sales presentation, product introduction, executive briefings and much more. 

Webinars are becoming more popular amongst marketers, small businesses and also for corporate. Although webinar tools are quite similar to as web conferencing and audio conferencing software, they differentiate themselves by providing a platform where many viewers can be connected to one authority. Unlike general conferencing, webinar software is used for event management with the help of the internet, to hold conventions, workshops, 

presentations, seminars, etc., to reach out to many people at the same time. 

Webinars generally require some kind of audience interaction. Live un-interrupted streaming with integrated webinar software is required with easy setup methods. Some of the best online webinar services can be listed as below:

  • Livestorm 

This webinar hosting website offers three different platforms. The software provides conventional pre-organized, on-demand, or automated seminars for users. For example, one can create content beforehand and upload, or the same can be presented with live streaming, or make a combination of both. 

The audience can interact with presenters, and all the webinar can be recorded for future analytics and preparing reports. 

  • ClickMeeting

The software enables you to prepare and invite guests, and interact with them and later analyze everything for your records. It is based on simple user experience, including on-demand webinars, social media sharing, and performance ratings.

  • GoToWebinar

From planning, preparing and promoting a webinar and in the end, analyzing results in easy steps, GoToWebinar, is yet another powerful tool. Enabled with automated email reminders, and fully interactive features, this webinar hosting platform offers all elements required to engage the participants. 

  • Adobe Connect

This all in one software offers to host videos, meetings and presentations, with numerous customized supports as per the client’s requirements. Advanced editing tools and hosting capabilities with easy-to-use features make this software more suitable for the beginners.  

Adobe Connect has the ability to support most platforms, including mobile browsers with a flawless experience. This makes it easy to connect with the audience on a personal level. 

  • WebinarJam

This easy to software is best for those who have no technical knowledge of setting up a webinar. It also allows to stream directly on a YouTube and offers a secure, password-protected meeting with the target audience.  

WebinarJam enables pop-ups during a webinar session to allow the audience in buying products or services right during the webinar.

  • AnyMeeting

One of the best webinar platforms for small businesses and educational organizations, AnyMeeting, offers a wide variety of tools with incredibly user-friendly features. Primary features include collaborative online meetings, automatic video recording, cloud storage, meeting notes and a custom URL. 

The entire webinar software with features to insert PowerPoint or YouTube videos directly into a webinar makes it more convenient. Web-based compatibility enables the users, where they have not to download the software to their device. 

  • Zoom

Zoom provides a reliable webinar platform with easy setup steps and registration options. A program that can support up to 10,000 attendees and almost 100 live videos enables reaching and engaging more people at a time. With auto-generated transcripts and detailed reports of attendees, Zoom Recordings help identify the audience who showed the most interest.

Essential factors for interactive online webinar services to maximize audience engagement

  • Enable to share files in various formats and add YouTube videos, during webinar presentations
  • Help to collect feedbacks and gather data with polls and multiple tests
  • Screen sharing for demonstrating products or process in action
  • Promote collaboration with interactive whiteboards and hold brainstorming sessions
  • Expanding your reach with live streaming a webinar on social platforms like Facebook, etc.
  • To promote products or services with special offers during a webinar with the help of call-to-action buttons


Have a powerful impact on your lead generation efforts on autopilot with the help of webinars. Build relationships or get your team online to host webinars from your mobile device. Step outside the traditions and get set for a live interactive webinar room to share and receive valuable feedback.