You may have seen many people who are either unable to hear properly or suffering from hearing loss. They have to wear many types of hearing aids to correct the issues. 

But have you ever wondered about the possible reasons behind it? 

If not, this post will discuss general reasons for the hearing loss and ways to cure it. 

For buying types of hearing aids and more on easy EMIs, you will also learn about digital health card benefits. Read on!

What are hearing loss and its types? 

When you face issues in hearing by one or more ears – it may be called hearing loss. 

There are generally three hearing loss types. They are Sensorineural hearing loss, Conductive and Mixed hearing loss. 

  1. Sensorineural hearing loss 

It is the commonest type of hearing loss. It occurs when the inner nerves of the ear and cells of hair get damaged. It is majorly owing to age, noise damages or something else. This type of hearing loss hampers the pathways from the inner ear to the brain. In most cases, Sensorineural hearing loss can’t be cured surgically or medically. But by using many types of hearing aid, it can be treated. 

  1. Conductive hearing loss 

Conductive hearing loss happens due to obstructions in the middle or outer ear. It occurs majorly due to fluids, earwax, tumours and ear formation. It prevents sound from reaching to inner ear. These types of hearing loss can be cured with medicines or via surgeries. 

  1. Mixed hearing loss 

Mixed hearing loss is a combo of Conductive and Sensorineural hearing loss. You can get your ear diagnosed by an expert to know the hearing loss that you may be suffering from. 

The degree of hearing loss could be moderate, mild, severe and profound. 

Depending on the severity of the condition, a doctor may advise you medicines, surgeries or types of hearing aid. 

What are the possible causes of hearing loss?

From the exposure of excessive noise to ageing and more, hearing loss could happen due to many factors. Here are the commonest of the reasons for hearing loss: 

  • Ageing. 
  • Exposure to noise. 
  • Head trauma.
  • Diseases or viruses. 
  • Ototoxicity. 
  • Genetics. 

What are the possible symptoms of hearing loss?

  • When you frequently keep asking others to repeat themselves. 
  • When you turn the TV to a volume that others may find loud. 
  • When you have trouble understanding conversations in places that are noisy. 
  • When you face issues in hearing to the voices of children and women. 
  • When you think that others are mumbling. 
  • When you trouble hearing or talking on the mobile phone. 
  • When you keep off from situations that were once enjoyable to you. 
  • When you feel that there is a ringing in your ears. 
  • When you are told that you are suffering from hearing loss. 

If you experience any of the above conditions, then you may be on your way or already having hearing loss. You can always get your ears checked by a known expert who may suggest some types of hearing aids, medicines and surgeries. 

What are the tips to help you protect your hearing?

By following some tips, you can always help yourself avoid hearing loss. Have a look: 

  • Use hearing protection when using loud sounds. Opting for the foam earplugs are one of the affordable options.
  • Keep the volume of the TV, radio and other music systems down. 
  • Avoid exposing yourself to loud sounds for a long time. 
  • If you have to listen to loud sounds, ensure keeping frequent breaks. 
  • Give your ears some time to recover after being exposed to loud noises. 
  • Exercise – it keeps blood pumping via your entire body, including ears. It also keeps the internal parts of your ear in the best shape.
  • Go for frequent hearing tests if you notice a change in your pattern of hearing, fullness and ringing in the ear after 24 hours. 

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