Minimalism, as the word itself suggests, could be summed up by the phrase – less is more. This ideology emphasizes the perspective that appreciates experiences more than materialistic well-being video web series like f95zone best alternative guide. 

Minimalism is a philosophy that embraces the idea of owning what is required. It abstains from the idea of ‘extras’. 

Just like any other philosophy, minimalism also comes with its own set of principles, the rules of minimalism majorly confine the idea of experiencing life more than collecting artifacts that indicate the idea of living a life.

Minimalism is an ideology, if practiced religiously, could provide freedom from the man-made aspects of life, and will help the individual to attain spiritual freedom and a sense of living to the fullest.

Let me explain the idea of minimalism with an example,

For instance, You need just one pair of good fitted black jeans, but instead of buying one you have purchased three of them, then according to the laws of minimalism, instead of spending the money on those extra two pairs of jeans, you could have used that money in creating a memorable experience for yourself.


 Basically, minimalism propagates the idea of not getting attached to materialistic things. 

These changes in the physical surrounding stirred a trend of minimalism in the fashion industry, and we are hoping to see this phenomenal ideology boost in the year 2021 as well.

If you are thrilled with the idea of minimalism, then this article will help you to take your first step in this beautiful and dynamic world of cultivating memories instead of a closet. 

So, let’s see how you could inculcate minimalism in your fashion ideology…

  • Go for basic clothing. Minimalism is all about going for products that have a long-term usage, and thus, basics in clothing are everything when we talk about ‘long term usage’. Whether it be a black basic t-shirt or a white pair of trousers, both of these items could be paired in several ways that would give a flair of chicness to your everyday outfits.
  • Chose pastel colors, as they could be made to pair with anything and everything. Moreover, pastel colors can give you a casual outfit and a party outfit with the same level of flamboyance. Colors like pastel green, blue, or even lavenders are a must-have if you are building a minimalist wardrobe.
  • Buy jewelry that would suit all your styles, whether it be going shopping or going to a club. Accessorizing is highly important when you are going minimal with your outfit, so choose wisely the kind of jewelry you are aspiring to buy. My advice would be to go for either gold looking or silver looking jewelry, as metals are highly versatile and could go with any outfit for any occasion.
  • Make jackets your best friends. When you go for a minimalistic ideology in fashion, you are not really left with a lot of choice in clothes, but I personally feel that jackets and coats are a rescue when it comes to building a light outfit. A jacket or a blazer could just lift up the whole ‘look’ and can give a completely different outfit all together with minimal effort.
  • Go for basics too when it comes to your footwear as well. Figure out some basic footwear that could go along with every outfit that you might build with your clothes, and get them. Footwear could make your whole outfit go WOWZA… A basic pair of heels, boots, and sneakers could be great for a start, and then maybe you could build your footwear closet from there.

Minimalism in my belief is an ideology that, if embraced with a will, actually holds the power of changing the way with which we view our lives.  

Minimalism is also deeply rooted in the idea of sustainable living, as when we go minimal with our lifestyle we are actually using what we require and in return wasting the products a lot lesser than we used to. 

An ideology that is powerful and effective in all means, it is worth giving a try this new year. & you can go with Overseas company registration hong kong