Picking a gift is such a mindful task because the item is supposed to bring joy to the receiver and will make an impact of your gesture on the receiver’s mind. 

Having a perfect gift in hand isn’t that easy with so many gift options to choose from. 

Hence, we have curated a list of all-time favourite and affordable gift ideas which never fail to impress the receiver. 

Have a read, and thank us later!

Flower Bouquets

It has been traced to ancient times that flowers were one of the initial items which were exchanged as gifts. If you want to gift the flower bouquet on birthdays, you can take help from the internet to about the birth month flowers and the same way you can know about the flowers as per the number of wedding anniversaries. Red roses are an all-time favourite and perfect to describe love, while white flowers will always help to make the receiver happy. 

The Cake

Well, we suggest that you can gift a cake to anyone. It might not be compatible for you to surprise everyone with a cake, but you must try. Cakes are an inseparable part of the celebrations. Whether you are going to a birthday party or someone is throwing a festive party, you can always tickle the heart of the receiver with a cake. If the person you want to surprise resides away from you, then you can avail midnight cake delivery in Allahabad or whichever city he/she resides in with online cake delivery services. 


In many countries, presenting sweets is a cultural activity to celebrate occasions and festivals. And with sweets, you will also be treating the receiver with something drool-worthy. As there are many cases of impurities benign added in sweets to extract more profits, make sure you only buy from a sweet shop that promises to deliver only quality and pure sweets. You can pick a box full of a single type of sweet or stuffed with types of sweets. 

E-greeting Card

The lockdown has forced the gifting industry to think about new-age gifting ideas, and e-greeting cards are the result. We know that greeting cards can never go away from the gifting fashion, but e-greeting cards can replace them to some extent. You can easily send an e-greeting card to the receiver irrespective of the city or country he/she resides in. Lovely customization with cool graphics is so lovely in e-greeting cards. Unlike normal greeting cards, e-greeting cards can survive years and years and years. 

Wrist Watches

There was a time when wristwatches ruled the gifting industry and were among the expensive gift items. Somehow, the innovation of smartphones has made an impact. But the item is still a favourite one and has the power to make the receiver happy to the core. You can gift a wristwatch to both males and females, and you can pick the design according to the age and likes of the receiver. Apart from that, you can also choose to gift a personalised wristwatch. 

Indoor Plant

With our gifting gesture, we show love for the person we present the gift to. Now think how happy would the recipient be if the gift also has a feel of care along with love? The pollution levels are rising day by day, and it is affecting health drastically. So, make sure that you help the recipient in staying healthy by presenting an indoor plant. And if the person resides with a big family in a big home, then you can choose to gift a combo of different types of plants. Picking a combo of air-purifying plant, medicinal plant, and bonsai tree is a pitch-perfect decision. All three plants will provide fresh air to the family. Medicinal plants will come in handy to cure cuts, burns, and viral. And the bonsai tree will add to the beauty of the home.

Personalised Mugs

If you are looking for mother’s day gift ideas then personalised mugs can’t be out of the gift fashion. And you can win your mother’s heart with this gift idea. The mugs can be personalised with the name and the pictures. Adding quirky slogans and one-liners can make it full of healthy humor. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the mug’s colour combination and the graphics on it. It can be best mother’s day gifts, If you know your mother’s favourite photo and colour combination, then go for it without a doubt.

Cool Phone Cover

Without a doubt, almost everyone has a smartphone today. And as people keep their important documents and pictures on their mobile phones, it is important to keep them safe. That’s why gifting a cool mobile phone cover made from quality material capable of absorbing shocks produced when the phone falls is a never-failing idea. Make sure to pick a mobile phone cover with a design that equals the personality of the receiver and his/her age. You can also choose to get the cover personalised with the receiver’s name or the picture.

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