growing popularity of gaming laptops
growing popularity of gaming laptops

The recent surge in popularity for gaming laptops results from the growing interest in online and single-player games among Indians. To ensure an optimum user experience while playing these games, purchasing a top gaming laptop becomes mandatory. 

However, purchasing the perfect gaming laptop requires one to have extensive technical knowledge about specifications, both hardware and software. 

What are the aspects of a gaming laptop that sets it apart?

Display and resolution 

The brilliant graphics and futuristic design of any game are developed to ensure the players with maximum entertainment. However, to experience this at its best, a gaming laptop’s display needs to project images at Full HD or higher resolutions. Today, one can even find devices with up to 4K image and video output, although such options tend to be on the expensive side.

Another important aspect is the screen brightness and viewing angles. The experience of gaming can be disrupted due to the sun shining on the screen or the brightness being low. Look for products with brightness of at least 240 nits.

Lastly, the refresh rate of a gaming laptop’s display matters significantly. While 60Hz is the minimum, online gamers would do well to look for 144Hz or higher variants to enjoy seamless and lag-free sessions.

Graphics card 

One of the crucial aspects to look out for is the GPU or Graphics Processing Unit when purchasing a gaming laptop. It determines your laptop’s performance, including the ability to run modern-day games at high frame rates. The stressful process of powering games requires a GPU to have its inbuilt memory, known as VRAM (video memory). Depending on your budget, VRAM can range from 2 GB to 24 GB, with high-end cards promising the best performance throughout all modern titles. 

Top gaming laptops that you can purchase 


Price: Rs.2.50 lakh approx.

Operating system: Windows 10 Pro

Processor: Intel 9th Gen Core I9-9900K | 5GHz

Memory: 1 TB HDD

Display: 17.3-inch 

The machine’s Intel Core 9th Gen processor paired with RTX 2080 ensures this model has the same configuration as the Alienware Area-51m. This model can be considered the top gaming laptop as it uses massive power bricks to trigger factory overclock upto 33% for the processor. It comes with a graphics card RTX 2080 with a higher base clock of 1575MHz. This model’s RAM clocks at 2666MHz, and the boost drive uses the NVMe SSD. The boost clock of this device also clocks at 1755MHz. 

Asus Zephyrus G14 

Price: Rs.1.65 lakh approx

Operating system: Windows 10 home 

Processor: AMD 3rd Gen Generation Ryzen 9 

Memory: 1 TB SSD

Display:  14-inch 

It is not only a top gaming laptop but also the first of its kind. The Asus Zephyrus G14 features an eight-core CPU in a chassis of 14-inch. The unit is powered by the AMD Ryzen 4000 series processor and a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 ensures optimum gaming efficiency. 

This unit is also the best laptop for programmers. In fact, the model fits almost all requirements. 

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Owning a gaming laptop is made simple, thanks to such convenient financing solutions. Check all of the important factors before opting for a particular model.