Are you thinking about expanding your business to a global scale? In this digital age, anything is possible! But how do you plan on making your brand and products appealing to an audience that doesn’t speak your language? Approximately 1.3 billion people, or 16% of the world’s population, speak Chinese, so if you are planning to expand to China, you might want to explore the services of a translator. 

Being the epicenter of all commercial activity, it would be a great idea to establish or expand your business ideas in China. But the language barrier might be a problem. To effectively communicate with the locals and convey your brand message clearly, English to Chinese translators will surely come in handy! 

But when it comes to hiring translators for your business, there are a few things you must consider before you finalize your options. Here are a few things to consider before you find the perfect translator – 

1. Language and Cultural Linguist 

While hiring translator services, you must make sure that they not only speak the language but also understand the culture. A Chinese translator should have an understanding of the Chinese culture, the know-how, and way of life because it is crucial when you’re entering a new market or introducing a new product for a particular country. Make sure you interview the translator and ask them questions about the culture and understanding of the native country before you finalize them.

2. Expertise or Industry-specific experience 

Hiring English to Chinese translation services doesn’t mean you should opt for the basic word to word translation. What you’re looking for are translators that have industry-specific expertise to help you out with what’s relevant for your brand. Lack of expertise can result in a poor quality of work, and hence that could immensely hamper your sales. 

At Guru, we offer freelance translators and agencies that take up bulk work without compromising on the quality and also offering expertise that is specific to your genre. Our translators are trained for very specific domains so that they can offer the best of services to all our clients. 

3. Turnaround Time

The difference between an average and a great translator is turnaround time. In the business world, one must adhere to the timelines in order to be counted as efficient. Before you finalize on a translation service, make sure you find out their turnaround time and if they are ready to accept penalties in case they are not delivering on time. 

With Guru, our freelancers and agencies are always thinking ahead and ready to deliver your projects within the stipulated time. We guarantee efficient translators that also provide quality work! 

4. Testimonials

Just like you’re not going to purchase a product before reading the reviews, first, it is best to read up on the testimonials of other companies before shortlisting an English to Chinese translation service. It gives you a good idea about the proficiency and professionalism of particular services that other companies have availed and will give you that added confidence in the translator that you hire for your company. 

If you read positive reviews or testimonials from similar or competitive companies, you will be sure that our translation services are able to deliver quality work on time without hassles. 

5. Cost

For any company, budgets are tight, and they are always looking to hire the best talents within a limited amount. The same goes for English to Chinese translators. Make sure you allot a certain budget to all your projects and keep the cost range within the budget. Most agencies that offer you the lowest prices might not be the best with the services, and the agencies that offer massive prices might not always be worth paying. 

It is crucial that you understand the amount that you need to pay for a particular project and go with it. At Guru, we are efficient freelancers that are willing to work with limited budgets while not compromising on the quality of work they provide. The best way to go about this is to shortlist a few of the translators that we offer and finalize the ones that fit your budget along with the quality of work you desire. 

With businesses going international, it is not always ideal to hire local representatives to handle the accounts there. It can be impractical and also way out of the budget for young companies. In such cases, hiring translation services is the best way to begin. They can help you establish your brand’s presence before you start setting up shop in another country. 

Guru offers freelancers and agencies for all your translation needs. It is the best and most efficient way to convey your brand’s message out into the world and expand your business globally!