CFA Level 1 Test Series

Spending your 300 hours in study to prepare your CFA level 1 does not give you the surety of passing the examination in first attempt.

There is a significance role of the study material and techniques which decide the results if you will pass or fail. Thus, you should give the importance of your study techniques and take the help of best notes to pass the tough exams like CFA.

Here I give you 5 tips which will surely help you in clearing the CFA Level exam.

1. Use the Best Study Material, Mock tests & previous Exam answer keys.

It is important that you must have the best study materials, including your books, notes, CFA level 1 test series, and video lectures to stand you in good stead.

Solving previous papers is one of the most excellent ways of making sure that you are aware with the syllabus and pattern of the exam well as well as boosting the self esteem that you require the most to clear the exam.

2. Know the Exact Exam Format

Being aware of the exact exam format will guarantee that there are no jump scares while attempting your exam & that there is nothing to worry about which can happen if you don’t know the exam format. It would be a big disappointment if you’re surprised with something unexpected.

So just for the revision, here is the exact format of the CFA Level 1exam down below;

Format: multiple-choice


240 equally weighted questions

Morning Session: 120 questions;

Afternoon Session: 120 questions

Each question has three answer choices

On an average, you will get 1.5 minutes for solving each question

3. Revise the entire syllabus through your notes and material 3 to 4 weeks Before the Exam

You cannot say that you don’t need the revision because revision is always not enough- in actual the more you practice and revise your exam, the stronger you get prepared for facing the actual exam.


4. Understand each question carefully

Because of the limited time to attempt the exam, fear and the pressure the exam are enough to make a common mistake to misunderstand a question & therefore get the wrong answer.

It may take your some seconds from your precious time but it will worth it. If it seems too involved and too time consuming, you can leave the question and try to focus on the next one. Don’t waste your precious time on solving a single question.

Time management is the key to succeed in these types of exams- spending too much time on understanding the lengthy questions could mean losing the marks of easier questions & wasting easy marks.

5. Increase your accuracy

Be accurate even if you have to forfeit a little time to get your calculation.

Don’t try to rush and go next, it will give you negative markings if you could not calculate the right answer plus, you time will get wasted at the same time. Making mistakes will cause you negative markings so be prepared and be precise on your calculations.