Best Manicure Services

Do you Want to get the best hand massage and pretty painting of the nails with a color of your choice in Brighton? Beauty and nail bar salon offer the best Manicure Service in Brighton. If you are having manicure for the first time there would be lots of questions in your mind like what to expect during a manicure, how log it will take, what tools and products will be used and why even have one. For get the answers of these questions you should first know that what is the manicure and what are the various benefits and needs of the manicure.


as facial is the beauty treatment for the face, Manicure is the beauty treatment of the hands. It includes the cutting, filling and shaping your nails. in Manicure your Cuticles pushed back and tidied and then a little gentle massage given to your hand. You can also get painting your nails with a color of your choice. This treatment directly applied to your nails but it also beneficial for entire hands. Manicure is done to maintain the hand’s overall health.

In summary we can say that manicure includes:

  1. Nail cutting
  2. Nail filing and shaping
  3. Cutting and tidying cuticles
  4. Buff to shine
  5. Nail painting

Time duration of Manicure

Manicure takes 20 to 45 minutes to get done. It also depends on which type of manicure you picked. For example, Express manicure is al about filing and shaping finished with buffing or painting the nails. Classic manicure is all about cuticle work and hand massage. And shellac manicure is all about set each painted layer under a LED lamp so ittakes a little longer time.

Benefits of Manicure

There are the number of benefits of the manicure some are as following.

  1. Maintaining nail health

Manicure keep your nails deep clean and ensuring that nails look great. Manicure is very important for positive nail health. We do almost every work with our hands which cause the dead cells on your hands. Manicure removes all the dead cells from skin and encouraging new skin cell growth. It keeps your nails strong and healthy. Regular manicure prevents your nail from being in poor condition.

  • Increase blood circulation

Manicure includes the gentle massage on the hand which is the fast and effective way to boost circulation. Manicure is more beneficial in the winter season because of the slow and sluggish chances which can cause swelling and joint pain. With the manicure massage the blood flow increase around the body and improves joint mobility.

  • Maintain good condition and de-stress element

Manicure provides you incredibly relaxing. It is a great treatment to aside everything and set a time that is just for you. because your hands also need some care and attention. Manicure keeps your hands in good condition and the skin on hands is well cared for and soft. After manicure you feel good and relax and beautiful.

Best shellac manicure in Brighton

It is a type of regular dry manicure that includes all of the basics of regular manicure. It is the perfect version of the manicure. It includes cleaned up your nail, pampering your skin around the nails and perfect nail polish applied to the nails. it is the unique process of manicure because in shellac manicure nail polish are applied under a UV lamp instead of chip, scratch or peel. If you are looking for the best shellac manicure service in Brighton, beauty and nail bar salon is the best place for all types of manicure service in Brighton,


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