Do you feel you have been drinking more often lately? Not all the time, but having a glass of wine now or then and enjoying a couple of beers that quickly increases as long as a gathering or party lasts! If all this sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone.

Especially during the lockdown in 2020, many people have agreed on the escalation in their boozing habits. No matter how much you think you drink in moderation, frequent drinking does more harm to your system than any good.

Instead of waiting till it’s too late or joining an alcohol treatment program to help you overcome drinking, you must reduce your alcohol intake yourself. If possible, you must quit alcohol to see positive changes within and outside your body. Here are some amazing health benefits of quitting alcohol:

1. Improves Sleep Quality

Do you often wake up feeling restless after drinking too much? It happens because alcohol can disrupt the two major sleep functions: REM sleep and Slow Wave Sleep.

Think about the last time you drank too much. Now think about how it felt to go to sleep. REM sleep is essential to sharpen the ability to learn and remember, whereas Slow Wave Sleep is important to feel refreshed after your wake up.

According to various researches, drinking can disturb the night’s sleep. And several nights of drinking can make you feel sleep-deprived. Therefore, giving up alcohol is crucial for improving your sleep quality and waking up refreshed and energetic.

2. Sharpens your Brain 

When you are too drunk, you cannot think straight. This is because alcohol can interrupt the logical thought processes. It means that alcohol does harm your brain’s functions.

But when you stop drinking, the thought process is likely to feel clearer. When you quit drinking, you begin to notice things that you haven’t noticed before. Even the thoughts start connecting and making more sense.

3. Help you Lose Weight

Regular intake of alcohol can slow down your metabolism. Alcohol has double the calories found in carbohydrates. According to certain studies, if you drink alcohol, your body is likely to break down and further slows down the normal body functions like processed sugar and fats.

Many people have mentioned that they have easily dropped a lot of weight after they stopped drinking alcohol. However, you also need to do proper exercises and follow a particular diet plan to ensure you maintain a healthy weight.

4. Improves your Skin

Alcohol can easily dehydrate your skin, making it feel dull and dry. That’s why “booze face” is quite real. Even a small amount of alcohol can have a great impact on the appearance of your face. When you quit alcohol and start drinking more water and healthier drinks, your skin will hydrate and feel far better. This way, dryness from your skin alleviates. Moreover, hydrated skin can calm down certain skin symptoms like eczema and psoriasis.

Well-hydrated skin also reduced the irritation and redness that alcohol can cause. A hydrated body can ease the puffiness and make you appear radiant and healthy.

5. Improve your Heart Condition

You may have heard that a glass of red wine is good for your heat. But once you have a glass of red wine, it’s common to lose count of the number of drinks. However, the key to a healthy heart is just one glass that’s only 4-5 ounces of wine. Honestly, people rarely could stop at just 4 to 5 ounces of wine. That’s what stops them from improving the heart condition.

However, one simple way to improve your heart health is quitting alcohol. When you stop drinking any kind of alcohol, your blood pressure will lower down and the triglycerides in the blood also lessen, improving the chance of being affected by any heart risks.

Giving up alcohol is a good decision for your heart health. This is because your heart won’t have to work too hard to restore its normal functioning.

6. Improves Liver Health

When drinking alcohol, many people forget about their liver. The job of the liver is to filter toxins. But when you drink alcohol in excess, the liver is exposed to toxins that are harmful to your body cells.

Excessive drinking can also lead to cirrhosis, fatty liver and other liver conditions. But the good news is that quitting alcohol can naturally heal the liver. According to research by Medical Daily, the liver begins to heal within a month of quitting alcohol.

7. Improve your Relationships

Another advantage of being sober is improving authentic and meaningful relationships. This is because when you’re sober, you are more likely to be present with people around you.

If you have experienced a broken relationship, it may take some time to heal. However, they are more likely to improve when you are sober than you immerse yourself in alcohol. When people around you see you’re trying to overcome a broken past, they also support you. But nothing will solve alcohol addiction.

Conclusion Quitting alcohol has many benefits on your physical and mental health. Even in rehabilitation services, the experts guide you to reduce and slowly stop alcohol consumption over time. It’s best to join the best alcohol treatment program to quit your habit of drinking too much.