Kindergarten schools are very important for every child to develop social skills, motor skills, emotional and literacy skills. During this period, a child develops his/her listening and understanding skills too. At kindergarten, a child also learns to socialize with others. They learn to dance, sing, play various games, learn good habits, become more aware of their surroundings, and start building confidence. 

Finding the right Montessori school for your child is important as this is the first step to build their personality and pave the way for a bright future. Kindergarten is a place a child starts to learn for the first time, through different methods of teaching. Finding the right kindergarten will make the child feel safe in their surroundings, and build a strong foundation for their learning journey. 

Montessori education in Dubai

Dubai is known for having a very good education system. Finding a good kindergarten in Dubai isn’t a very difficult task as most of the schools have a very high standard of teaching, along with a good environment. Schools in Dubai believe in developing a child in every aspect, and help them grow under good culture and values.

The two best kindergarten schools in Dubai that parents prefer for their children are:

Orange Tree Nursery 

Orange Tree nursery is the first school in Dubai to adopt preschool methods. With a global perspective in education, the school aims at the overall development of a child. They also have their own curriculum called “soul seeds” which is a value-based education.

Along with kindergarten schooling, they also provide day care facilities for infants. Fun and short field trips are also organised for the children as the school believes that a child can learn better with the experience of the outside world. 

Global Indian International School, Dubai

GIIS is a leading school for kindergarten and pre-primary education. They are the best Montessori school when it comes to a holistic approach and a modern preschool pattern of teaching. GIIS helps children grow under great culture and values. They have also won many awards in the past and have been recognized for their innovative methods of learning. 

The Global Montessori Programme of GIIS provides an individual focus on every student to make them eager and fast learners at a young age. With equal focus on academics, play and community care, GIIS prepares students from a young age to be ready to face challenges as they grow. 

GIIS provides a very safe and friendly environment for children, while training them for formal schooling in the future. The school includes a lot of fun activities in the learning process which makes it an enjoyable experience for the child. 

Conclusion Kindergarten schools develop a child in their early stages of life. Studies have proven that children who attend kindergarten have a higher IQ. Finding the best kindergarten for a child is an important decision. While selecting the first school for a child many factors come in consideration. So make sure to do your research well before arriving at a conclusion.