Looking for a good play school in Noida can get complicated due to the existence of so many of them! In fact, as the country’s job sector is evolving and getting globalised, more and more parents are getting less time to be able to heavily devote to the early years of a kid. This is where play schools offer their services, however, as a parent it would absolutely be wise to know on what basis one should choose a school in noida over the other.

The intellectual development that a child goes through in a play school can get interestingly subjective and thus a lot depends on the school itself. So if there are any slips in the way the child is being taught, they cannot be easily discovered in a short span of time. This makes it all the more important to choose the best possible option. Various aspects like the teaching pedagogy, faculty interaction, classroom aesthetics and overall cooperation need to be considered.

Any play school in Noida or anywhere can be either independent or be associated with a primary school/high school. We are also expected to choose between such options. So which one do you choose? The clear answer here would be to choose a play school that is a part of a major institution as well. This is mostly because a high school will guide the child on the basis of their future pedagogical practises and there would ultimately be a sense of flow in learning without any break. Plus, major institutions usually have a well thought learning framework. 

An Ideal Example

GIIS (Global Indian International School) is an international school in Noida is an but is also dominating among play schools because of their unique GMP or Global Montessori Plus programme which aims to impart Montessori education along with modern tools and philosophies.Their philosophy is based on 5 pillars that are meant to exercise innovation and thought leadership in the preschool world. Let me give you a brief about the 5 pillars-

  1. ‘Excelerate’ Programme

Aims to give students fluency in language through listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, along with providing numeracy skills through maths in an interactive manner.

  1. Multi-faceted Learning

Nurturing the students’ inherent personalities as well as helping their intellectual capacities grow steadily through a Thematic Learning methodology that aims to keep the individuality of students in check along with creating interactive activities for them at school.

  1. iPlay Programme

Encourages students to accumulate information and assimilate it which in turn inculcates in them the skills of independence, cooperation and management.

  1. iCare Programme

Teaches students the universal values of compassion, kindness and giving through activities like gardening or charity drives

  1. Future Ready Programme

Includes a dynamic, hands-on approach to learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) which develops in them a love for subjects through active participation, encourages their creativity and polishes their mental capabilities of critical thinking.

Through each of these 5 pillars, GIIS successfully infuses the teachings of Maria Montessori along with the present educational requirements.

Here are a few more names of known play schools which are present in Noida-

– Shemrock Morning Glory

– Playden

– Shanti Juniors
Another major reason for joining an international school for a Montessori experience is that it is a one-for-all option. You can expect the child to be associated with one name and get steadiness in his adventure of learning.