Admissions to class XI is a big deal for students because this is when they make an important decision for the future. The students choose between science, commerce, and humanities as the basis of their future education and select the subjects they want to study. The school in which they take admission plays a key role in this decision. They look for a school that offers the stream of their choice and within the stream, the subjects that they want to pursue during the final years of their high school. International schools are gaining popularity among students and they prefer to include these in their consideration set.

Why International Schools?

International schools came in existence to facilitate the education of the children of diplomats who happened to move from one country to another. With time, the services of the schools were also utilised by other professionals who often shifted base across different countries. Now the schools are popular for the infrastructure and the opportunities provided by them for the students. Parents want to send their children to these schools because the standard of education is expected to be higher. They are also considered to have some impact on securing admissions in colleges abroad.

The Cost of Education in International Schools

Several International schools have been established in the recent past across India and students and parents who can afford them are choosing them over the others. Yes, they are more expensive than the normal schools, but that can be expected because of the level of investment in infrastructure and facilities provided by the schools. Even among these, some are very expensive, while some fall in the affordable bracket. This is not indicative of the quality of education in these schools. Some of the best international schools fall in the affordable category. Many of them even offer benefits in the form of academic or sports scholarships to their students.

Choosing the Right International School

When it comes to the admission process, the students must follow a proper elimination methodology. They should first list down the international schools in the city. If they are willing to live in another city for their education, they can include the schools in those cities as well. The next factor to be considered is the stream.

Schools that do not offer the stream of their choice are automatically eliminated. Within the streams, there are the preferred subject combinations. The students must evaluate whether their choice matches with the available options and make the selection accordingly. The curriculum offered by the school can be significant here if the students are focused on a particular one.

The Available Options

The schools that offer all the three streams with multiple options for subject combinations will feature in the lists of all students. Science is the most popular choice of streams among students given that a lot of students wish to pursue related careers. Hence, the schools that offer Science subjects are more prevalent. In terms of the curriculum offered, CBSE is the most common, followed by ICSE, Cambridge and IB in the same order.

Schools to Choose From

The first name that surfaces to the mind is that of Global Indian International School. Its quality of education combined with its expanding network is its highlight. The school is present in multiple cities across the country and several countries popular among Indians. The different branches of the group are one of the best in their respective cities and belong to the affordable segment of international schools.

If you start your exploration for international schools, it is advisable to include the school in your consideration list among the others in your city. One name that fits the bill is GIIS Noida.