During chemotherapy, the body of the patient is more susceptible to infections. Thus, it is crucial to stay away from potential infectious agents to avoid the development of any serious situation. You should contact experts to learn about ways to protect your body and strengthen its immune system to fight against cancer. 

Some of the most critical things that a cancer patient has to take care of when undergoing cancer treatment are:

Get your flu shots

It is important for cancer patients to get their flu shots before chemotherapy and in between the cycle of chemotherapy. Cancer patients are more likely to acquire infections, and this is why flu shots are a necessity for them.

Adopt healthy eating habits

Your diet also plays a critical role in strengthening your immune system during cancer treatment. Your nutritionist can help you plan a proper diet to keep your body strong for the treatment. If the chemotherapy is having an effect on your digestive system, get in touch with your doctor to plan out a healthy diet for your well-being.

Do not come in contact with sick people

Make sure that you do not come in contact with people who are ill. Keep your things separate from everyone else and clean. Avoid crowded places so that you do not catch an infection. 

Protective drugs

You can ask your doctor for protective drugs that can reduce the risk of infection. These drugs help strengthen the immune system and promote the formation of blood cells. But it is important to talk to your doctor before you take any drug. 

Wash your hands

You are more likely to acquire the infection from your hands. It is important that you wash your hands frequently to get rid of all types of germs. Clean your hands properly before and after eating, and avoid touching your face. Keep a sanitizer with you at all times to maintain the hygiene of your hands.

Limit contact with infectious agents

Avoid touching animal waste if you have a pet. Do not touch the soil or any other surface that could be home to infectious agents. It is extremely important to avoid contact from infectious agents as much as you can.

Look out for infection signs

You should immediately report any signs of infection including chills, fever, cough, nausea, or sore throat. If you notice redness or itching in any part consult your doctor immediately. Timely treatment can help prevent any major complications and keep you safe. Your immune system has to be strengthened for the treatment to be effective. You should seek cancer treatment from the most advanced hospitals in the country. One of the best cancer hospitals in the country is the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre. The experts at this hospital will guide you throughout the process and educate you on ways to properly care for yourself. The support that a cancer patient requires throughout the course of the treatment is provided by the healthcare staff of RGCIRC.