The linksys range extender allows you to rehash the wireless signal of any passage or switch to give Internet connectivity in difficult to arrive at regions through a wired or wireless connection. This article will manage you on the most proficient method to manually configure your wireless range extender.

Before you begin, ensure that you have done the following:

 Identify the switch/passageway’s wireless settings which are:

  1. Wireless network name (SSID)
  2. Wireless channel
  3. Wireless secret phrase or security/network key

To learn how to check or change your wireless network’s settings using the Linksys cloud account, click here. If your switch has the exemplary electronic arrangement page, click here.

Reset the range extender – Press and hold the Reset button situated at the top panel of the range extender for five (5) seconds or until the LED begins blinking to reestablish to its plant default settings.

Your linksys range extender expands your home WiFi network by connecting to your existing network and improving inclusion. The following instructions will help you set up your linksys range extender setup.

To set up your extender:

  • Plug in your extender.
  • The Power LED lights.
  • On the off chance that your Power LED doesn’t light, press the Power or On/Off button.
  • Connect your PC or cell phone to the extender’s WiFi network.
  • The extender’s default WiFi network name (SSID) is NETGEAR_EXT. The extender network either has no secret key or the default secret key is secret key.
  • Your gadget may warn you that the Internet is not accessible. This is normal. Keep the WiFi connection.
  • Launch an internet browser and enter mywifiext.net.
  • The New Extender Setup page shows.
  • Snap or tap NEW EXTENDER SETUP.
  1. Whenever incited to acknowledge terms and conditions, snap or tap YES or I AGREE.
  1. Pick your extender’s admin credentials.
  1. These credentials are utilized to get to your extender’s settings on an internet browser.
  1. We recommend leaving the default Username as admin and choosing a secret word that is different from your WiFi network secret phrase.
  1. Select and answer two security questions starting from the drop menus.
  1. These questions are utilized to recuperate your extender’s admin credentials if you fail to remember them.
  1. Snap or tap NEXT.
  1. On the off chance that your extender inquires as to whether you might want to utilize the NETGEAR Genie to help, snap or tap YES or CONTINUE.
  1. Your extender looks for neighborhood WiFi networks.
  1. Select the radio buttons for your network’s 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi Network Names (SSID).
  • On the off chance that you do not see your networks, snap or tap See More.
  • Snap or tap NEXT.
  • Enter your existing network’s secret phrase and snap or tap NEXT.
  • Select SSIDs and passwords for your extender.
  • Of course, the extender utilizes the name of your existing network with _2GEXT added to the end for the 2.4GHz band and _5GEXT for the 5GHz band. Of course, the secret key for each band is equivalent to your existing network.
  • (Optional) For network extenders, you have an option to utilize a similar WiFi name and secret word as your existing network. Select the Enable One WiFi Name check box to enable this element if your extender upholds it.
  • This permits your extender to utilize a similar WiFi name (SSID) and secret key as your existing WiFi network.
  • Snap or tap NEXT.
  • The extender applies your settings. This can require a couple of moments.
  • The extender shows the WiFi network name (SSID) and secret phrase for every one of your extender’s bands. Observe these.
  • On a gadget that you plan to connect to the extender network, go to the WiFi settings and connect to the extender’s new network.
  • Return to your internet browser, select the checkbox at the lower part of the page, and snap or tap CONTINUE.
  • Your extender is now extending your network’s inclusion.

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